Train Like the Pros

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What's The Worst that Can Happen?

What ever it is in your sport figure it out...and train it, hard!  Two men down, one score behind, running up hill and into the wind.  Every game has it's worst case scenario, its up to you to find it.

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Coach Keegan Smith and I discuss specific differences in S&C between Rugby and AFL Read More
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Get This...

October 16, 2014



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Does obsessing over a sport, watching every minute possible, pestering your parents for the team jersey, discussing it endlessly with your mates, then practicing elements of the skill in the back yard over and over again constitute talent?  Or does it sound more like hard work? Read More

A Quiet Moment...

October 10, 2014



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A long time ago and for no specific reason other than a father wanting his son to be able to look out for himself, my Dad taught me to throw a punch.  

The significance of learning to punch properly taught me something about human movement that I don’t believe my dear old Dad ever intended.  

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