Train Like the Pros

Dealing with athletes on a daily basis has taught me the value of appreciating and integrating the athlete's psychological state into each session.  How we interact with athlete's can have an enormous impact on what the athlete produces in training...and we know what happens in training is ultimately replicated in competition. Read More

Athletic Empathy

December 02, 2014


I was recently involved in a conversation with a young coach in which we were discussing our respective athletic backgrounds.  Both of us had our moments of shining glory, however regrettably both of our burgeoning careers had ended in the same place...coaching. Read More
Let’s get to the point…being a strength and conditioning coach is not strictly defined.  Some of us have advanced degrees, some 3 month online certificates, and some of the more militant threads of our industry simply have completed a weekend course!  Hmm…seems there may be some confusion.

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Recovery Reflect and Re-Arm for Next Week Read More

What's The Worst that Can Happen?

What ever it is in your sport figure it out...and train it, hard!  Two men down, one score behind, running up hill and into the wind.  Every game has it's worst case scenario, its up to you to find it.

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Subjective careful! Read More
Coach Keegan Smith and I discuss specific differences in S&C between Rugby and AFL Read More
Just consider... Read More
In this interview Jason begins by presenting his core High Performance Athlete Model. Read More

Get This...

October 16, 2014



Something to challenge your mind with beyond the gym! Read More
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