Train Like the Pros

Building a Training Philosophy is a life long journey, and not one I believe that is ever complete.  Just like an operating system needs upgrades, so does your Training Philosophy. Read More
Do I know everything…absolutely not.  That said I think it is fair to say that I know more than some and less than others.  But more importantly than comparing myself to others is understanding what it is I actually KNOW. Read More
A healthy ego is critical to success as it will sustain the courage needed to hold strong to your values, however it must be counter balanced by an equal serve of humility...nobody can know everything and only an arrogant individual thinks he does.  Arrogance kills creativity and limits problem solving! Read More
Rugby, soccer, AFL, hockey etc etc, are all sports bounded by unique rules that dictate a modicum of pattern, yet ultimately the games play themselves out in a randomized, unpredictable and unique manner.  No matter the level of patterns and structures involved…no two games are ever the same. Read More
Can we really predict injury…or should we be focused on preventing it? A lot has been written recently about the need to train hard in a progressive manner in order to best prepare your athletes for competition (who would have thought we actually needed to state that?). Read More
I recently came across an editorial piece on High Intensity Training...and the best part was I couldn't stop laughing! Read More
While I'm not the oldest, nor the most experienced coach in the industry, I certainly have been around long enough to have seen and experienced quite a few training "trends" over the last twenty years. Read More
Professional development can be what you choose to make it. Recently I’ve been working through a text called Principles of Manual Medicine and I thought it might help some coaches out there to share some of my observations. Read More
When I think back about my career to this point, I can comfortably say that I have spent more than a third of the last twenty or so years at "football training".  Irrespective of what specific role I have been in, that amount of time watching team training sessions gives you a clear perspective on their mechanics, how they work and the inherent physical and psychological cost imposed on the athlete. Read More
As the number of technical and physical elements required for professional team success increases and the time to train reaches what might be considered a ceiling (let’s face it…there’s only so many hours training you can make people do in a day), the responsibility has fallen to the S&C coach to “make it work”. Read More
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