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To put it bluntly…it’s me! 

OLD BULL FITNESS is top to bottom what I think about strength & conditioning, speed, running mechanics, injury rehabilitation, general fitness, weight loss, preparing for contact sports etc., etc., and one of my favorite subjects…40-thletes (fitness for 40plus gents who still think they are athletes…I just happen to be one!). 

The aim of OLD BULL FITNESS is to share my professional strength & conditioning experiences of the last 20 years in the hope that those reading may avoid some of the pitfalls I found myself in (both personally and professionally) and allow them to build themselves and those they work with into the athletes they want to be.

What the hell is an Old Bull?

I've been professionally employed in elite sport, primarily football codes, for most of the last 20 years.  Extensive full-time roles with elite teams such as the Wallabies (rugby union) and the Fremantle Dockers (AFL) have shown me time and again that football environments are a tough place to survive long term.  

Those that do survive are out of respect often referred to as "OLD BULLS".
An OLD BULL is respected.
An OLD BULL has done the hard yards...yet he still runs with the pack.
An OLD BULL has a responsibility to lead by example. 
When things go bad...everybody relies on the OLD BULL.
Young bucks may be faster and flashier...but the OLD BULL holds the herd together.

In the words of the legendary "Conditioner of Men - Percy Ceruty" circa 1952...

"you may be able to go faster than me, but you'll never go harder than me!"


OLD BULL FITNESS is about developing a Training "Model".

While wordy and somewhat of a corporate term, a Training "Model" defines your decisions making process.  It guides you, keeps you from wandering too far "off the path", and makes your results predictable. 

A sound Training Model is the foundation upon which the professional coach builds his career and the weekend warrior survives where others fall by the wayside.

My aim is to help readers build and define their own Training Model.

In order to make the most of this site you need to understand the following…

While I have been around for what seems forever, my word is not infallible.  I encourage people to think, question, and research for themselves in order to best define their Training Model.  

Use the information here as you see fit…it may be as it is or it may provide a springboard for a new way of seeing things that takes you to a higher level. 

I will at all times endeavor to write in the most honest no-nonsense way I can.  Sometimes I base my work on proven science…sometimes I base it on the “feel” of a coach.  To put it in iSpeak (the language of iGen for those who missed the memo) “that’s the way I roll!”

My intent here is not to prove myself a “fitness guru” (besides which I detest the term), nor imply I am better than anybody else.  I am simply sharing my experiences…how you choose to interpret them and use them is up to you.

Jason Weber - Human Performance Coach

Jason Weber has proven over the bulk of the last two decades that he is a leader in design and implementation of team based Strength & Conditioning programs and the overall management of High Performance environments. 

Since 1998, Jason has been at the forefront of strength & conditioning in professional sport in Australia.  As the longest serving Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Wallabies (2002-2007), Jason had direct responsibility for the physical preparation of the team for over 100 test matches including two Rugby World Cups.  Jason was also a catalyst in building the foundations for the Australian Rugby Union’s current long-term physical development program.

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