Engineering HP Workshop



The aim of this workshop is simple...


"To share with participants an insight into "How" I get the most out of the human body". 

Jason Weber

Training athletes and training everyday people are not such different things.  What they are required to do is at a different levels, however the fact remains they have two arms, two legs (for the most part), a heart and lungs, and they both want to get the most out of the themselves in the least amount of time.

Training human beings is not a "paint by numbers" process.  It's not a matter of doing the "latest and greatest" exercise.  It's about doing what matters!  It's about having a clear process in your mind at all times, being able to stick to it, and make the kind of decisions that accelerate your athletes, not just take up their time.

Anyone can make someone tired.  Can you make them better?  I will show you how I do it!

In this three hour program I will share with you;

The framework that guides my thought process for every program.

The logical method that sets up my sequencing.

5 specific tools that I use every day;

    1. Mechanics that Matter
    2. Integrated Anatomy
    3. Think local...Act global
    4. Performance / Prevention Model
    5. Triplex Strength Continuum

      These days anyone can jump on a search engine and look up any exercise or training methodology they like.  Mores the pity, I know plenty of trainers "cut and paste" the programs they find and implement them blindly.  How do I know...coaches I've met have told me proudly that they've done exactly that from my book!

      I will share with you the most valuable lessons I have learned from the last twenty years, how I use that experience and how you can use it too!



      What you get...

      21 Day exclusive access to all video files (90min)

      36 page E-Book of notes from the Workshop


      Included in this purchase is Series 1 Module D Applying Evidence from the HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORT PROGRAM.  This includes 2x 30min Streaming Videos + the accompanying E-Book.  This module is a unique insight in how to practically apply data, but also a very rare "behind the scenes" look at how to communicate with elite coaches at the top of professional sport.