Coaches Buyers Guide

Learning the performance coaching game is a massive challenge!

Lets start at the beginning. Do you fit any of the job titles below, and more specifically are there job titles there that you aspire to?

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Performance Coach
  • Rehabilitation Coach
  • Sports Scientist
  • High Performance Manager

Many of the job titles noted above are linked. Some overlap, some are just the same job re-labelled.

How do you get ahead?

Like most people in the industry you've likely got a undergraduate degree, and increasingly these days you've probably also got a Masters or PhD. That's great, that's the first step. Degrees get you into the interview, they rarely get you the job. The game changer for everyone is experience and that is so often the hardest thing to come by. That's where we come in.

Learn from Experience

One of the most effective ways to get ahead in the performance coaching world is to get a mentor to share their real world experiences.To take the technical things you have learned and see how they can be applied in practice. Understand the risks and rewards of different strategies.

Again getting a mentor is hard. That's were OBF can assist. We have a range of products and services that distil more that 25 years of experience, all the mistakes, the cheat notes and innovations. This is the unwritten knowledge that makes a difference in the high performance sport landscape.

How do I know? I lived it for over 25 years. Further to that I've hired, trained and mentored coaches that now run their own elite programs. What I taught them worked! Now there is no way I'm the sole reason these people have achieved what they have, but my guidance while working with them helped them develop their own skill set well beyond that of formal education.

So if you are ready to take you career forward click here to look at our online Coach Education resources.