Athlete's Buyers Guide

Being an athlete in this day and age is really hard. There is so much information about how to prepare on social media that it is almost impossible not to become overwhelmed.

NB: A definition of an athlete is ANYONE who is trying to improve their physical performance in order to participate in their chosen sport.

Are you one of the following athletes;

  • I try hard but never make real gains
  • I've got limited time to train and never feel like I'm effective
  • I feel like I should do more, but I don't know what to do
  • I often make a good start, but never know how to keep progressing
  • I just do whatever I think looks good on Instagram.

If you are one of the above, then OBF has got your back. We have programs to address all these issues and more.

There are two decisions you need to make when choosing a program.

  1. Content
  2. Billing type

Content - Each program is described based on the following

Structure Sessions per week
Cycle Length of loading and recovery cycles (helps communicate what you are buying e.g. 2x3 week cycles = 6 week program)
Objective Performance variables the program will address e.g. muscle mass gain, strength, power.


Billing - Programs are billed in two ways

Static Program is billed once at purchase for a period e.g 6 weeks
Dynamic Program is billed monthly. Content updates based on the Cycle (see above) i.e., 4wks hypertrophy, 4wks strength

    Here's a practical way to approach choosing a program. Simply answer the questions below and then select the program that matches your situation.

    • Opportunity - How frequently can I realistically train? Don't pick a double split program (2 sessions per day) if you can only do 3 sessions per week because of other commitments.
    • How long do I want to commit to the program - If you are just trying OBF for the first time pick a 4-6 week Static program, train hard then assess your progress. If you are looking for more consistency and flow choose a Dynamic program that will guide you through a longer term program with connected Cycles.
    • Changing Objectives and Opportunity. In effect build your own program by linking Static programs. For example complete an 8 week Hypertrophy program, then change to a 4 week Strength program.

    The final practical thing you need to know about OBF programs.We deliver all our programs via the Team BuildR App

    Old Bull Fitness Team BuildR

    Team BuildR is a performance programming application that allows coaches to design and communicate detailed training systems. There is no cost to using Team BuildR. Simply sign up at the point of sale once, and then you use your profile for all future program purchases.

    Here's why we use Team BuildR;

    1. Each client has their own profile, so we can help individuals more where possible.
    2. Each program is customised to the athlete via individual 1 rep maximum data.
    3. Flexibility to program everything from strength to conditioning sessions.

    Click here to open our Team BuildR programs page.

    If you've got any specific questions drop us a line at and we will get it answered for you ASAP.

    Standby we will be adding new programs on a regular basis.