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One of the most widely commented on aspects of the high performance sports industry is the gap between academic education, sub-elite coaching and the real world of professional sport.

Universities are doing a great job of communicating the latest research, but none are offering the student a true insight into the mechanics of a High Performance department.  While the proliferation of social media in society, provides young coaches access to a forum that supplies a plethora of non-specific, mixed quality information in small, unrelated chunks, often from questionable sources.

Do you want to be a leader in the High Performance Sport field?

The HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORT PROGRAM has been created to facilitate the integration of academic knowledge with applied practices in order to achieve the highest levels of High Performance Management.  The platform design has been targeted specifically at addressing the gap between academic education, Strength & Conditioning, Sport Science and the real world of High Performance Team Sports.

This is not just another series of lectures that outlines the latest research.  This educational platform will provide the most "up-to-the-minute" practices, methodologies, strategies and tactics employed to bring the very best performances out of large scale programs.


With a combined experience of over 30yrs leading a number of the world's most iconic sporting teams in the most unforgiving team competitions on the planet, Darren Burgess and Jason Weber offer not only extensive experience, but also real-time insights as both are currently leading High Performance departments in the Australian Football League (AFL).  

High Performance Management is unanimously acknowledged to be a function of academic background and extensive experience at the "coal face" of professional sport...and these guys have got both!


Jason had this to say on his journey in Professional High Performance Management:

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Chances are that many people reading this have faced job interviews that have made them have second thoughts about their chosen career paths, or worse they simply haven't got the interviews!

For the most part applicants rarely lack for formal credentials.  A majority of applicants to professional High Performance teams lack the insight, experience and knowledge of how to apply their individual skill set while simultaneously leading a multidisciplinary professional team.

Now there is a truly accelerated option when it comes to learning the High Performance environment!


The program is presented in four Series via online video and PDF documents.

Each purchase allows unlimited access via a secure 12 month membership.

Each video unit features Jason Weber and Darren Burgess presenting in a unique conversational format.

The presentation format delivers insightful discussion on all topics…not just scripted slides.



What you get...

12 month personalized account with password protection.

Instant online access to over 30hrs of video material.

Instant access to download over 400 pages of PDF reference documents.