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As the number of technical and physical elements required for professional team success increases and the time to train reaches what might be considered a ceiling (let’s face it…there’s only so many hours training you can make people do in a day), the responsibility has fallen to the S&C coach to “make it work”. Read More
Do you think you’ve got something new…unlikely!  Do you know something others at a higher levels haven’t already figured out…probably not!  I’m not trying to put anyone down, I’m just stating a fact.  None of us is original! Read More

There is a great old adage that I have modified for my own use over the years…

"You can lead a horse to water, you can even tie a brick around it's neck…but sometimes it just won't drink"

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Part II of Angus Teece's Interview of Jason Weber

Audio Interview Content;

Athlete Empathy

Coaching Focus

Transference of Strength

Integration of Training

Day in the Life of a Professional S&C coach Read More

A cursory review of my very modestly sized Twitter feed will tell you that there appears to be a growing divide between those that define themselves as S&C coaches and those that engage in the study of Sport Science at an academic level.

Is this divide real or just a product of a small sample size (sounds kind of Sports Science doesn’t it!)

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David Tenney Seattle Sounders Part 1


Importance of academics

Department design and implementation

Medical interaction

Mentors & Influences.

Check Out Seattle Sounders Sports Science Weekend here!


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Do you monitor you athletes?

Do you blindly take a “let’s do what everybody else is doing” approach or do you have a philosophical model for your approach?

Do you want to be a HP Manager…monitoring systems are not just about the numbers!

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Talent = Natural Ability + Attitude + Commitment + Physical Structure + Luck

What parts of this equation can we affect?

Experience tells me that it is NEVER right on the night unless you've done the work!  I've had the privilege of working directly with some of Australia's best football athletes, as they fought through significant long term orthopedic injuries and I can tell you first hand…the only thing that gets you through the hard times in rehabilitation is hard work!

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Survival of the Fittest sounds like a great name for a TV show doesn't it!  When it comes to being a professional S&C coach however, if your program resembles anything like a TV show, you may find your future limited.  Read More

Never be dictated to by conventional thinking!

Learn the system and use that knowledge to create your own path!


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