3-5 System

More than just a kettlebell master, Pavel (www.strongfirst.com) has distilled a pantheon of training theory into one very simple concept.


3-5 exercises

3-5 reps

3-5 sets

3-5 days per week

This is a incredibly simple self sustaining training tool.  The one comment I would make for the "rookie" would be to ensure you don't over cook your neuro-muscular system by going "max" all the time. 


My preference is at a minimum to go "session on session off" followed by a recovery day.  For example...

Monday (System Power)

Hang Clean, Squat, Split Jerk

3@75%, 3@80%, 3@85%

Tuesday (System Capacity)

Snatch, RDL, Chins

5x5 @ 75%

Wednesday (Recovery)


Another very simple method of managing this system is to balance upper body vs. lower body.


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