When things get bad...manage it!

When things get bad...

You snap unnecessarily at family.  You can't wait to get the kids to bed

Reasonable questions from your partner become incessant nagging.

Your efficiency drops.  Your clarity of thought becomes clouded.

Creativity becomes an effort.  Motivation for everything wanes

You stop moving.  The path forward becomes unclear.

Your guts churn.  You wake up in the middle of the night.

You can't turn off the noise in your head.

You look tired.  You feel tired.

People start to comment on how tired you look.

Little things seem massive...And little things no longer seem to matter.

You fatigue quickly.  You look forward to coffee

You crave comfort food.  You crave alcohol.

When things are at their worst...

Stop everything...

Step 1. Move...do anything to get your blood flowing and generate some heat...

Step 2. Quieten your mind...meditate, do breathing exercises, whatever it takes to reduce the noise in your head...

Step 3. Finish one thing...you've got a massive to do list...pick one thing a "NAIL IT" immediately...then leave the rest to tomorrow...

Step 4. Tell your family you love them!

Then realize things aren't that bad and you need to get on with it!

 Remember what is important!

Remember the WHY!

No matter what situation you are in, it's your responsibility to manage it! 

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