Everybody has their Kryptonite


Even Superman with all his incredible powers was totally humbled by Kryptonite.

Everybody has their Kryptonite. Some say everybody has a cross to bear (overzealous God bothers). It doesn't matter which way you term it...everybody has a weakness.

Now what you do with that weakness can be a turning point in your athletic career, but even at a more organic level it can be critical turning point in your life.

How you and your body deal with stress associated with weaknesses is critical to both personal and professional survival.

If you are honest and can accurately determine your Kryptonite you can figure out how to best manage it. 

Humility plays a massive role in acknowledging your "human nature"…which is inherently flawed.

Understand your weaknesses and develop them to the best of your ability…

Play to your strengths…

And take life on!


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