Commerical media pumping up sugar!

Given the proliferation of obesity and Type II diabetes around the world, commercial media like this Today Tonight only serves to confuse the public and offer more excuses.  Reducing the sugar load in your diet does take some effort if you have been depending on it for a long time.  Given the gentleman's example in the video link above, its no doubt he struggled, his body was detoxing!

Nothing happens in this world without a price being paid.  The price for improved health and performance is a pretty small one to pay...reduce sugar in your diet!!!

Sugar intake is closely related to the broader subject regarding the consumption of grains.  Both aggressively impact blood sugar and in turn the proliferation of fat storage and damage to the insulin based mechanisms that balance sugar levels in the body.

Everyday there is more scientific information coming out about the negative effects of the modern diet.  Latest research on the effect of sugar on blood pressure here.

Keep your eyes open and don't be mislead by irresponsible media outlets!

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