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I found this the other day...

I thought it was poetic given this article I published only a week ago; 14 Tips for HP Managers

Coincidence I found it?  Not for mine! 

There are infinite possibilities for all of us in this world.  The challenge is to keep your mind quite enough to see through the haze created by the stress of modern life, and be able to identify the significance of common threads of the universe coming together at the same time.  The universe offers answers when we need them in a myriad of forms...a creative thought, a distant memory, meeting a friend or a complete stranger, having a passing conversation...the list goes on.

Just keep you mind open to the possibilities.




Be uncommon!

July 22, 2014


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I'm cooked! Just sharing some calming tunes to take the edge off and increase creativity. Not ideal for training but great for settling brain waves and enhancing recovery! Enjoy





Purpose, Passion and Persistence...

Bridges the gap between what we are and what we want to be!

Be clear on your PURPOSE whenever you choose to do anything.  Understanding your PURPOSE or "WHY" will supply the resolve required to get through the hard work required to achieve what you want.

Ensure you have a PASSION for what you want.  If your heart is truly in it you can't be stopped. old friend once gave me a book with a quote in it that I have never forgotten..."the fighter who throws just one more punch can never be beaten".

If it matters to you...never stop swinging!


You decide!

January 07, 2014


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It's not about the person next to you...

It's certainly not about the person on TV or in the magazine...

It's only ever about the person in the mirror!

If that person strives to be better everyday you'll never fail!