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I recently came across an editorial piece on High Intensity Training...and the best part was I couldn't stop laughing! Read More
While I'm not the oldest, nor the most experienced coach in the industry, I certainly have been around long enough to have seen and experienced quite a few training "trends" over the last twenty years. Read More
Does everything in your program make sense to your athletes?
Do they clearly see the relationship between your exercise selection and their sport?
Creating a connection for the athlete between their training tools and their sport is critical for engagement. Read More
Do you think you’ve got something new…unlikely!  Do you know something others at a higher levels haven’t already figured out…probably not!  I’m not trying to put anyone down, I’m just stating a fact.  None of us is original! Read More
In my view…if an athlete can’t develop significant force correctly, there is no way they are going to be able to develop greater levels of force in less time (power) via the same mechanism. Read More
In this interview Jason begins by presenting his core High Performance Athlete Model. Read More

A long time ago and for no specific reason other than a father wanting his son to be able to look out for himself, my Dad taught me to throw a punch.  

The significance of learning to punch properly taught me something about human movement that I don’t believe my dear old Dad ever intended.  

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A year in football (it doesn’t matter which code) is a long one!
Across the course of a season, you come across many things…some new, some old and some re-discovered.  I haven’t yet had time to really sit and reflect on my last 12 months in professional sport.  That said here are my preliminary musings. Read More
One of the most critical elements of movement rarely discussed in the fitness industry is one whose aim is ironically not to move. ANTI ROTATION is the concept of stabilizing the thorax on the pelvis in a neutral orientation while an asymmetrical load is applied. Read More

Overview of a Mentorship session from July 2014

Topics discussed;

Neural Jump Testing Performance v Monitoring

Logistical issues with Jump Testing

Density Loading Outlines

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