Train Like the Pros

In this interview Jason begins by presenting his core High Performance Athlete Model. Read More
Does obsessing over a sport, watching every minute possible, pestering your parents for the team jersey, discussing it endlessly with your mates, then practicing elements of the skill in the back yard over and over again constitute talent?  Or does it sound more like hard work? Read More

Previously unreleased ASP Webinar 1 Part B

Jason Weber & Darren Burgess discuss...

Recovery Techniques

Quantifying training...low tech 101

Studying the opposition

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A year in football (it doesn’t matter which code) is a long one!
Across the course of a season, you come across many things…some new, some old and some re-discovered.  I haven’t yet had time to really sit and reflect on my last 12 months in professional sport.  That said here are my preliminary musings. Read More
Jason Weber & Darren Burgess discuss the challenges of preparation for international competitions, different ideas on monitoring and testing in professional sport. Read More
The challenge for those working in Sports Science and Sports Medicine is to determine which technology is going to produce information that actually affects performance. Read More

Darren Burgess discusses the challenges of preparing for the 2010 Soccer World Cup

Travel Distance



Recovery Strategies

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Part II of Angus Teece's Interview of Jason Weber

Audio Interview Content;

Athlete Empathy

Coaching Focus

Transference of Strength

Integration of Training

Day in the Life of a Professional S&C coach Read More

A cursory review of my very modestly sized Twitter feed will tell you that there appears to be a growing divide between those that define themselves as S&C coaches and those that engage in the study of Sport Science at an academic level.

Is this divide real or just a product of a small sample size (sounds kind of Sports Science doesn’t it!)

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David Tenney Seattle Sounders Part 2 Content

Sport Science evolution in professional sport in the US

Impact of travel and climatic variations

Quantifying fatigue

Small sided game planning based driven by monitoring metrics

Positional variations

"Simplifying data so it becomes meaningful for the coach" - David Tenney Seattle Sounders

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