Train Like the Pros

Does everything in your program make sense to your athletes?
Do they clearly see the relationship between your exercise selection and their sport?
Creating a connection for the athlete between their training tools and their sport is critical for engagement. Read More
In my view…if an athlete can’t develop significant force correctly, there is no way they are going to be able to develop greater levels of force in less time (power) via the same mechanism. Read More
Dealing with athletes on a daily basis has taught me the value of appreciating and integrating the athlete's psychological state into each session.  How we interact with athlete's can have an enormous impact on what the athlete produces in training...and we know what happens in training is ultimately replicated in competition. Read More

Previously unreleased ASP Webinar 1 Part B

Jason Weber & Darren Burgess discuss...

Recovery Techniques

Quantifying training...low tech 101

Studying the opposition

Read More
Jason Weber & Darren Burgess discuss the challenges of preparation for international competitions, different ideas on monitoring and testing in professional sport. Read More
The challenge for those working in Sports Science and Sports Medicine is to determine which technology is going to produce information that actually affects performance. Read More

Darren Burgess discusses the challenges of preparing for the 2010 Soccer World Cup

Travel Distance



Recovery Strategies

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A few weeks ago I posted a blog entitled “Technology Accelerator”. The main thrust of the article was that in my opinion (and I am just one guy), that there is a trend among young coaches to “lean” on technology too much, to use it as a starting point rather than a component that can take your program higher. Read More
One of the most critical elements of movement rarely discussed in the fitness industry is one whose aim is ironically not to move. ANTI ROTATION is the concept of stabilizing the thorax on the pelvis in a neutral orientation while an asymmetrical load is applied. Read More
In recent years technology and S&C coaching have grown so closely interwoven that at times it seems we can't move without a mandatory "setup" period in which the minions wheel out the plethora of devices required to quantify what is happening before our eyes.  Is this a good thing? Read More
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