Train Like the Pros

Big jobs afford you a budget and the "machine that goes bing".

The trick is you've got to be good enough in the first place to get the big jobs...and that means developing the skills necessary to do the job in any circumstances.

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In my view…if an athlete can’t develop significant force correctly, there is no way they are going to be able to develop greater levels of force in less time (power) via the same mechanism. Read More

Previously unreleased ASP Webinar 1 Part B

Jason Weber & Darren Burgess discuss...

Recovery Techniques

Quantifying training...low tech 101

Studying the opposition

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A year in football (it doesn’t matter which code) is a long one!
Across the course of a season, you come across many things…some new, some old and some re-discovered.  I haven’t yet had time to really sit and reflect on my last 12 months in professional sport.  That said here are my preliminary musings. Read More
Jason Weber & Darren Burgess discuss the challenges of preparation for international competitions, different ideas on monitoring and testing in professional sport. Read More

Darren Burgess discusses the challenges of preparing for the 2010 Soccer World Cup

Travel Distance



Recovery Strategies

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Overview of a Mentorship session from July 2014

Topics discussed;

Neural Jump Testing Performance v Monitoring

Logistical issues with Jump Testing

Density Loading Outlines

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In recent years technology and S&C coaching have grown so closely interwoven that at times it seems we can't move without a mandatory "setup" period in which the minions wheel out the plethora of devices required to quantify what is happening before our eyes.  Is this a good thing? Read More
Detailed visual representation (Infograph) of my article 4 Guiding Principles of Team Training Design Read More

Run, Kick, Scrum, Lift, Pass, Throw, Tactics , Calls...

Where does it all fit?  Speed, strength, power, endurance...and that's just the physical component.

Here are my Four Guiding Principles when it comes to evaluating and planning technical & tactical elements of training.  I use these as a cornerstone in my conversations with coaches so that I am clearly understood when it comes to balancing out any program. Read More
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